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Cosmetic bags Cosmetic bags

Cosmetic bags

10.90 лв. 12.50 лв. 13%

Travel bag for easy arrangement of cosmetics. Waterproof case for storing makeup and makeup brushes. Toiletry bag for quick access to cosmetic pads an..

Textile shoe box Textile shoe box

Textile shoe box

8.50 лв. 12.50 лв. 32%

Textile box for packing shoes for travel. Shoe storage bag with zipper and inner pocket. Shoe case for backpacks and travel bags...

Thermal bag for food and drinks

Thermal bag for food and drinks

12.50 лв. 17.50 лв. 29%

Thermal lunch bag 27.5*25*18cm. Thermal bag for food and drinks. Cooler bag for picnic or beach. Bag for maintaining the desired temperature of drinks..

Travel bags Travel bags

Travel bags

32.50 лв. 50.00 лв. 35%


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