For affiliate partners

If you are a creator of engaging content and want to become an online store promoter, then you are in the right place.

We offer the opportunity to collaborate with promoters by joining our partner affiliate program.

How do I become a Promoter Affiliate Partner?

Anyone wishing to become our affiliate partner must register in our online store. After activation of your account by the administrator, you become our partner. Our promoters can be individuals or legal entities.

What is the Affiliate Promoter Commission?

The starting commission that is automatically applied to the affiliate is 10%. As it grows depending on the turnover of our promoter. The more sales our affiliate partner makes, the bigger % he will receive, the maximum being 20. Depending on the activity of the content creator and the turnover generated in our online store, our partner will also receive additional bonuses.

How are promoters' commissions paid?

Affiliate partners' commissions are paid by bank transfer against an invoice issued by the promoter! Promoters can be natural persons or ET with bullstat and legal entities. The minimum amount that must be collected for payment is BGN 50.

Only commissions are paid on delivered and paid orders made through the affiliate tracking link.

How will I know which order from my tracking link has been paid and which has not?

Information about your current balance can be found by logging into your account and clicking on your transactions. There will be information about undelivered shipments from the customer and there will be a reversal of the commission for the relevant order.

Can I use the accumulated commission for a discount in the store?

The answer is YES! To use the accumulated commissions for a shopping discount, you must log in to your account and then place your order. When placing an order from the affiliate with a login with the account, the accumulated commission is deducted from the amount as Store Credit.

What business is an affiliate suitable for?

Affiliate partnership is suitable for any content creator - influencers, bloggers, group admins, YouTubers, etc.

It is possible to earn from affiliate marketing in Bulgaria, but it takes hard work and persistence. If you want to be a successful promoter, you need to create shareable content every 2-3 days with an added tracking link to our affiliate program!